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Always take the following precautions while applying Steel Guard Nanocoat TM :
  • The applied surface should be free from any dust , oil , grease , enamel / paint coat and should be properly cleaned with emery paper , wire brush etc before using Steel Guard. Only one single coat is to be applied and under no circumstances should it be recoated.

  • Always pour / unload Steel Guard chemical only in a PVC / Plastic container and not in any other metallic container.

  • After applying Steel Guard on the desired metallic surface, it should be allowed to cure for 24 hrs. for the entire chemical process to complete and should be strictly kept away from water during the curing duration. However, the curing time can be reduced by using air blowers.

  • Steel Guard Nanocoat TM is a ready to use product and NO additives are to be used.

  • Always wear Hand Gloves , Eye Goggles while using Steel Guard .

  • In case any part of the body does come in contact with the solution, kindly wash it with soapy water first and than plain water for safety purposes.

  • In case Steel Guard is spilled or leaked during transportation & storage, simply wipe it off with a cloth and wash it with plain water.

  • These white red spots, if observed is the internal rust which is coming out in the form of dead salt once the chemical starts reacting with the metal and can be cleaned off easily using a wet cloth or any fine emery paper with light hands.

  • Once kept to cure for 24 hrs. the applied surface is completely rust free and these visual appearances do not have any effect on the quality of coating i.e. its bonding & rust resisting abilities of Steel Guard Nanocoat TM.

  • It can be painted further with any Synthetic Enamel, Epoxy, Polycoat which will bond with the applied surface more strongly because of the greater adhesions properties of Steel Guard.

  • The application of Red Oxide primer is not necessary after applying Steel Guard Nanocoat TM.

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