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Industries Used

“Steel Guard Nanocoat™” is specially made for the treatment of new & rusted steel before application of a paint system. It is particularly recommended for protection of metallic structures which are subject to aggressive attacks from atmospheric agents of corrosive chemical environments.

Iron & Steel Industry:

TMT Steel Rebars & Rods, Sheets, Plates, Channels, Joists, Structures, Pipelines, etc.

Civil Building & Construction Industry:

Steel Guard can act as a structural base primer on MS parts.

Automobile Industry & Railways :

Steel Guard can easily replace other conventional base primers like red oxide , red lead etc and can be easily used as under body primer paint without nay extra layer on the surface.

Oil Industry:

“Steel Guard Nanocoat™” is recommended for use in refineries, associated chemical installations, and storage tanks due to acidic & alkaline atmosphere of refineries, fertilizers units & coastal areas will give it considerable improvement. “Steel Guard Nanocoat™” can also be used to treat oil fields as sand blasting is often forbidden due to safety reasons and its unique nanotechnology will not interfere with the movable parts of the operation.

Chemical Industry :

“Steel Guard Nanocoat™” is recommended for used in transport & storage tanks used in chemically highly corrosive environments. Paint systems applied to surfaces after treating it with “Steel Guard Nanocoat™” will give it considerable improvement in protection of metal structures from aggressive industrial atmospheres.

Maritime & Ship Building Industry:

“Steel Guard Nanocoat™” is extremely effective in marine & salt water environments which are highly corrosive in nature and can be used before painting to treat all exposed structural surface ,cranes , lifts , railing , warehouses, valves & piping etc. It can be used as primer in new ships, hulls , etc.

Defence Industry :

Barbed fencing wires, strategic defense installations & pipelines, structures etc located in highly corrosive environments.

Wire Rope Industry:

“Steel Guard Nanocoat™”  can deeply penetrate the applied surfaces, thus can treat the corrosion of wire ropes & cables to the core. While the exterior of the rope may be well maintained & lubricated, the interior could be suffering from severe corrosion. “Steel Guard Nanocoat™” can solve this problem by treating & complexing the rusting problem from its roots.

Pipe Manufacturing Industry

Electricity Boards & Power Plants

Plant & Machinery Manufacturing Industry

Industrial & Domestic Hardware Manufacturers

Industrial & Domestic Machinery, Spare Parts, etc. Manufacturers

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