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“Steel Guard Nanocoat™” is water based rust preventer which makes the applied surface rust & corrosion free. It has a much superior performance and provides much greater life & durability to the metal over other solvent based primers even in high salt based corrosive conditions.
  • “Steel Guard Nanocoat™” leads to a longer, durable life of expensive machinery & equipment by protecting it from rust, thereby avoiding huge maintenance & replacement cost.
  • The Bonding & Adhesion strength increases by 100% to 300% after using “Steel Guard Nanocoat™”. It prolongs the life to a multi paint system because of its better bonding, curing, reforming and barrier properties as compared to other conventional primers making it a unique product in its category.
  • Since “Steel Guard Nanocoat™” is a water based solution, its viscosity is very low (1.035) which leads to a much higher coverage leading to huge reductions in cost. Also since one layer is sufficient, it makes “Steel Guard Nanocoat™” extremely cost effective & economical.
  • Avoids repetitive repainting & restructuring of structures which saves on additional paints & labor cost.
  • The applied surface retains its original properties as no external coat (Film Thickness of 0.2 micron under Delta Meter) is formed on its surface along with protecting it from rusting.
  • “Steel Guard Nanocoat™” can be applied easily by any unskilled worker and is a very user friendly product.
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