Specialty Self Adhesive Tapes - Floor Marking Tape

Floor Marking Tape is a durable self-adhesive PVC tape for floor marking and hazard warning. Self adhesive hazard marking tape is available in plain colours or striped chevrons.

Marking tapes are used to clearly identify areas and provide safety in facilities such as manufacturing workshops and factories. They are highly visible, and mark areas that are off limits, outline isles and recognize potential hazards. They are easy to see at night and are anti-skid, so they prevent slips and falls. Floor marking tapes are high strength, have high abrasion resistance and are often waterproof. Floors of factories and warehouses often suffer heavy forklift and pallet traffic, and marking tape is designed to tightly bond with the surface so it doesn't come off, curl or split. It serves as a great alternative to using paint because it is also removable without using any sort of chemical, making rearrangement quick and easy. Floor marking tape is often used to mark off or draw attention to isles, carts, benches, racks, trash cans, fire extinguishers and danger zones.

Floors being marked should be clean, dry, tightly bonded and even. If the floor is cracked, the tape will not adhere correctly. The area should first be marked with chalk. After the backing is removed, the tape is applied to the floor cut to size. The final step, called tamping, is very important. The newly-applied floor marking tape should be rolled over to ensure it adhere properly. There is one other type of marking tape-pavement marking tape-that is often used in an industrial setting. It serves as a temporary way to redirect traffic around construction sites, or permanently mark driveways and parking spaces. It is almost always reflective and either yellow or white, and some are made from optical glass spheres embedded into metallic backing. Because it is used outside, pavement marking tape is weather and fade resistant.

This vinyl tape adheres to most floors, walls, piping, posts, beams, handrails, stairways, machinery, and equipment. This vinyl tape can be used for color-coding and identifying aisles, walkways, indoor traffic lines, danger zones, boundaries, doorways, and any other general purpose marking.

Bold duo-tone color strip. Highly eye-catching. Widely used a hazard warning and marking purpose. This tape is widely used as lane marking, section segregating, color-coding, hazard warning, labeling, sealing and identifying. It is a ideal marking material for ground, electrical post building, vehicle, ramp post etc.

  • Floor marking tapes are being widely used now a days for safety, identifying lane marking for storage segmentation, ideal for ISO 9001, QS 9000 companies, good resistance to chemical and other moving objects. Better than paints

  • Available in various sizes and colors

  • Colors available: White, yellow, blue, green, black, red, yellow-black, red-white, green-white and more.






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