Specialty Self Adhesive Tapes - Duct Tape

Duct Tape is a polyethylene, reinforced, multi-purpose pressure sensitive Tape. It has a soft and flexible shell and pressure sensitive adhesive. It comes in black or silver colour though other coloured one's are also sold.  They generally have a width of 1 7/8 inches (48 mm). Duct Tape consists of 3 layers. The top layer is a resilient plastic (Polyethylene). The middle layer is a fabric mesh, which facilitates tearing. And the bottom layer is a rubber-based adhesive. The 3 layers are pressed together during manufacture. It is also known by many names like Gun-Tape, Riggers Tape, Hurricane Tape and 100-mph Tape. Another popular name that the Tape acquired is 'Duck Tape'. It is not clear as to why it has been named so but some are of view that the Tape has a water-shedding quality similar to Duck's Plumage and some consider that it is made of Cotton Duck, a Canvas type of cloth.



Application :

  • Stops leakage

  • Ideally suited for repairing greenhouses and hotbeds

  • Sealing of joints and chinks between pipes, panels and in bodies

  • Useful in water and sanitary engineering works

  • Sealing of containers to protect goods against water and moisture

  • Book repair

  • As strapping tape

  • Control sealing of boxes (since the tape has a high tack, an opened box can be seen at a glance)

  • Makes mirror durable and safe (the tape is applied to the reverse of a mirror prevents its breaking to fragments)

  • Glass fixing

Features :

  • Carpet laying: underlay joining, carpet joining and carpet edging

  • Construction: ideally suited for joining polythene and many other materials. Masking off metal and / or concrete surfaces

  • HEVAC: sealing metal and plastic ducting, cladding and unfacing fiber panels 4) Manufacturing: splicing and joining in manufacturing processes

  • Motor sports: 'tank tape' leading edge and surface protection. Masking off and temporary repair.

  • Available in different colors and widths

Technical Characteristics:

# Properties Obtained Values
1 Total Thickness 0.250 mm
2 Type of Adhesive Rubber based
3 Tensile Strength 11.5 kg/25mm/width
4 Elongation 70%
5 Adhesion to Steel 1.2 kg/25mm/width
6 Anchorage No transfer of adhesive
7 Temperature Resistance 80C
8 Physical Property Easily hand tearable



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