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Efficiency : Highly efficient compared to conventional Ventilators and ideal for factories with any type of rooftop.

Design & manufacture :
Designed by Australian Scientist and Manufactured in Australia. Arven Ventilators are inexpensive and affordable in spite of high quality.

Mechanism :
Twin sealed and lubricated steel bearings for low resistance co-efficiency compared to any other bearing that allows the turbine to spin in the lowest wind speed. With the rate upto 2400 rpm, it keeps working silently and perpetually.

Water tight/corrosion resistant :
Aluminium pressed air-foil vanes design to drain rain water without spilling into the rotor head. The centrifugal force created by the constant rotation of the turbine assists to repel water with an outward movement of air. All aluminium construction using high grade aluminium extrusion for atmospheric corrosion resistance.

Vane design :
The Vanes are profiled and rolled to provide a strong blade to enhance good aerodynamic performance.

Bottom Design :
The bottom is split into base and duct. They are completely made of aluminium unlike other conventional ventilators, this is the ensure a longer life for the product. In this design, the base and duct are separated in order to determine and install the product in a 'Zero Level' in spite of the irregular levels of the roof in which the product is subject to installation.

Easy Installation :
Installation is simple and requires no additional structural support.

Warranty :
Full 5 years warranty against any manufacturing defects.



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